Black Friday WOD

Storm King – CrossFit



1. A total of 50 lbs must be carried. One of the objects needs to be a Wall Ball. The weight can never be put down your team must hold the weight while task are being performed.

2. One team member must have a smart phone and the ability to upload to Facebook or Instagram

3. 4-6 Adults/teens per team – Kids are free

4. There is a 90 min time limit to complete Workout and Scavenger Hunt

Metcon (Time)


At least a 100 reps needs to be performed at each location. There are eight locations, you decide where to add additional reps and what locations to start with. Only one athlete can be working at a time.

1. Gateway Plaza – Wall Balls

2. Christmas Tree/Fountain – Weighted Goblet style squat

3. Pier Main Stage Area – Burpees

4. Esplanade – Step Ups on tall benches by water

5. First Bridge on Discovery trail by Crab House – Partner Wall Ball Tosses – Partners stand 10’ apart, Partner One squats with WB and tosses to Partner Two, Partner Two squats and tosses it back. Each toss counts as one

6. Whalebone – Sit Ups

7. Pier Stair Bottoms – Push Ups

8. Hollywood Beach (on the beach) – Lunges (both legs count as one)
Scavenger Hunt

You must complete at least 11 points of the following. Photo challenges are worth 1 point, video challenges are worth 2 points. Completing all 15 task will reduce your workout time by 30 mins. All photos or video need to be uploaded to Facebook or Instagram. You must tag Storm King CrossFit as the location in order to obtain the points.

1. Photo 1pt – Take a team selfie at the top of the stairs at the end of the pier

2. Photo 1pt – Take a team selfie in Omar’s and Ranjeets store. Photo must include a corndog in the background

3. Photo 1pt – Take a photo finish at the end of the Olympic Discovery Marathon finish line

4. Photo 1Pt – Take a photo of one of your athletes in the Rocky Pose at the top of the stairs by the Christmas Tree/Fountain

5. Photo 1Pt – Team selfie with some sort of animal

6. Photo 1Pt – Selfie with a moose

7. Photo 1Pt – Team Photo in a Boy Band Cover Photo shot

8. Photo 1Pt – Pose in front of the statue looking like a statue

9. Photo 1Pt – Entire team photo in a tight space

10. Photo 1Pt – Entire team reflection photo in something other than a mirror

11. Video 2Pt – In front of Avail Fit singing YMCA song

12. Video 2Pt – Singing You’re My Sunshine to a complete stranger

13. Video 2Pt – Getting a complete stranger to sing any song they’re willing to

14. Video 2Pt – Caroling as a team

15. Video 2Pt – Helping someone across the street

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