11/20/2018 Weightlifting Week 10


Holiday Schedule
Thursday Thanksgiving – One Thrive and CrossFit combo workout at 9 am (no childcare)
Friday Black Friday – One Family friendly workout at 8 am (no childcare) Push them in a stroller

Storm King – Olympic Lifting

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Tempo Plate Squats (No Measure)

3 Rds – All squats at your lowest depth

5 Squats Heels on Plate

5 Squats Heels off Plate

5 Squats Toes on Plate

5 Squats Heels off Plate

Following each round of squats accumulated 1 min sitting in Hero’s Pose.

Barbell Shoulder WU (No Measure)

3 Rds

5 BN Close Grip shoulder windup

5 BN Close Grip Shoulder press to extension

5 BN Reverse Snatch Grip press to extension


Day 1

Squat Snatch (Technical Max -10% x1x5 (30 sec apart) )

Follow 2 Miss rule

Snatch Grip Deadlift (Temp Launch to finish 100%-110% snatch x(2+3)x4)

Tempo indicates lift should be slow to help with positions and movement

The rep scheme is 2+3 x 4 sets. This means 2 Snatch Deadlift to finish after the 2nd lift lower slowly (temp) to the launch position and back to finish. Do this for 3 more reps.

Clean and Jerk (Record Heaviest Sets )

90%x1, 70%x1, 90-95%x1, 70%x1, 70%x1, 90-95%x1, 70% x1

Back Squat (80%x2x6)


Day 2

Hang Snatch (From Launch by feel 2×5 )

increase heaviest set by 3-5%

Clean Lift Off (CLO) Floor to launch (100-110% of clean x2x3 x 5 (2 sec pause at launch))


Behind The Neck Jerk (Jerk+Jerk 10×2)

BN jerk+jerk. Warm up to a technical max in regular Jerk, then do 10x 2 reps and follow 2 miss rule.

Back Squat (By feel x5x3 (all pauses 5 sec pause all reps))

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