06/05/2018 Weightlifting Week 1


Driven orders due June 7th
Storm King hike this Sunday June 10th. Meet at the Box at 7 am. Questions, speak to Coach Brandi

Storm King – Olympic Lifting


Tempo Plate Squats (No Measure)

3 Rds – All squats at your lowest depth

5 Squats Heels on Plate

5 Squats Heels off Plate

5 Squats Toes on Plate

5 Squats Heels off Plate

Following each round of squats accumulated 1 min sitting in Hero’s Pose.

Barbell Shoulder WU (No Measure)

3 Rds

5 BN Close Grip shoulder windup

5 BN Close Grip Shoulder press to extension

5 BN Reverse Snatch Grip press to extension


Week 1 Day 1

Squat Snatch (60% for 10 reps (singles, doubles, clusters, etc.)

Push Press (by feel x5x5 (hold 3 sec OH/reps))

Paused Front Squat (90-100% of clean weight x5x4)

+ 10 sec hold on last rep of each in the standing position. This is a partial range of motion squat that ends just above parallel 1/4 squat. It’s okay to use a box.

Front Squat (Find 1 rep max at 20 reps at 55%)


Week 1 Day 2

Snatch Push Press + OHS (BN snatch grip by feel x5x5)

Hold 3 sec in OH/reps

Clean and Jerk (60% for a total of 10 reps )

singles doubles clusters

Snatch Grip RDL To Launch (By feel x5x4 (hold 3 secs at launch) Pos#2 )


Front Squat (Find 1 rep max at 20 reps at 1-3% above 55%)

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