Recap Ladies Nutrition Challenge, RX FOOD!

It’s time to recap our Ladies Nutrition Challenge, RX FOOD!


For eight weeks, nine ladies took on the challenge of clean eating. The goal at the beginning was for each individual to see results, but more importantly to experience sustainable lifestyle changes. They each set personal goals for themselves and committed to consistent CrossFit attendance every week. Macronutrient education, body measurements, body fat testing, daily logging and tracking food, and fueling for performance were the primary aspects of this 8-week challenge. We saw tremendous results! As a group, 70 inches were lost and 75 pounds!!

We are proud to announce Themis Rowland as our first place winner. Themis lost 17.5 inches, 23.2 pounds, 4% body fat, and took 19 seconds off her 800 m run. Congratulations!


A close second place finish goes to Leslie Somerville. Leslie lost 12 inches, 4% body fat, 15 pounds and took 27 seconds off her Baseline performance! Congratulations!


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