Ladies Only Nutrition Challenge Update!


In July, we began a ladies only eight-week nutrition challenge at Storm King.  This pilot program, titled RX FOOD, began with nine ladies eager to embrace accountability and clean eating.  They were excited to see results and experience a sustainable change in their everyday diets.  All nine women were experienced and committed athletes at Storm King but have struggled to see the body changes they desire.  They recognized that the nutrition piece was what was missing.

Each lady began the eight weeks with testing 2 WODs, CrossFit Baseline, and an 800 m run.  They each weighed, measured, and recorded body fat, as well as before pics.

Each of these ladies committed to logging their food daily in My Fitness Pal, planning out their weekly menu, CrossFitting 3 times a week, being active on the weekend, and recording weekly goals for themselves.

We recently got together at the halfway point and four weeks into the challenge, we already see some amazing results and changes.  After four weeks, we have a combined total pounds lost of over 40 pounds and 45 inches.  Here are some of the things these ladies are saying so far:

“I’m so ecstatic! My jeans fit again!”

“After four weeks, almost all my cravings are gone.”

“Today I am wearing a pair of slacks to work that I have not worn in a year.”

“I appreciate the daily support and encouragement from the other women.”

I’m sure we all know that nutrition is the foundation for performance. In fact, nutrition is the base of the pyramid Crossfit founder Greg Glassman created, with met-cons, gymnastics, weight lifting and sport all being supported by it. What we put into our bodies greatly affects how we look, feel, and perform, but most athletes make nutrition secondary in their training.   It’s been very rewarding seeing this small group of women takes on this challenge and experience this truth for themselves.

Stay tuned for the final results and the unveiling of our winner!

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