09/01/2016 Endurance



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Storm King – CrossFit Endurance


Matt Chan WU (No Measure)

25 Clapping Jumping Jacks

15 Arm Forward Jumping Jacks

10 Speed Skater Arm Swings

10 Side-2-Side Lateral Lunge

5 Per Leg Front Lunge Open Hip Torso Twist


Leg Spread Hamstring Descending Push Up Ladder

10 Shoulder Circles

10 Shoulder Twist

Endurance WOD

Fight Gone Bad – Prize Fighter (5 Rounds for reps)

Five rounds of:

Wall-ball Shots (Reps), 20/14

Sumo deadlift high-pull (Reps), 75/55

Box Jumps, 20″ (Reps)

Push-press (Reps), 75/55

Row (Calories)

1-minute rest

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