StormKing Salute Jay & Gretchen Shields!

For those of you fortunate enough to know Jay & Gretchen, you know they’re one of the most loving couples you can meet. Gretchen always comes to class with a written down plan of action “there’s no messing around with Gretchen’s workout”. Jay is really glad Gretchen has such a detailed plan for the day, Read more about StormKing Salute Jay & Gretchen Shields![…]

StormKing Shout Out to Lacey Langdon!

Lacey realized a major milestone while warming up this week. We felt it was such a significant milestone for her that we wanted to share her post with everyone. Lacey post: “I started crossfit at the end of April. I have never really worked out in my life so this was something completely new. I Read more about StormKing Shout Out to Lacey Langdon![…]